JourneyDance and Yoga


JourneyDance™ is a physical and spiritual practice that gets you out of your mind and into your body.  It is a free-form, conscious dance practice that leads participants on a ritual journey of physical and emotional transformation, through movement, breathritual, and sweat.  There are no steps to learn; there’s no right way to do it.  To a soundtrack of inspiring music from around the world, you’ll be guided to connect more deeply with your natural intuitive movement, free the stuck energies that want to move through you, release negative thoughts and emotions, and reconnect with your innate joy and wholeness.

It’s sacred.  It’s playful.  It’s joyous.  It’s liberating, empowering, and deeply healing.  You’ll leave feeling renewed, grounded, exercised, exorcised, connected, and peaceful.

Upcoming Workshops:  Workshops are longer experiences that allow a group to explore a particular theme more deeply.  Workshops include dancing, as well as other forms of inquiry and integration (such as art, journaling, meditation, energy work, sharing, etc.)   Some workshops integrate other modalities and facilitators with expertise on particular topics.

Empowering Wholeness

This workshop will be a half-day devoted to recovering, reuniting, and recalibrating the Self.  We will move through processes and experiences that help us to move, act, and speak from a place of wholeness that is grounded in, and informed by, the presence and attention of the whole self.  Through free-form dance, ritual, expressive arts, and sharing, we will cultivate a greater awareness and inclusivity that allows us to really make space for all of the different truths, needs, fears, and desires that we hold within us.  We will let our mental minds rest as we allow our embodied, intuitive, expressive selves to expand and inform us; and as we make space for all the parts of ourselves to show up, we will find greater clarity, wisdom, and insight that we will then translate into guidance for our lives.  We may find answers to our questions, or meet our wounded parts and their hidden longings and fears.  We may find a feeling of being grounded in the entirety of one’s being, of trusting ourselves to make fully informed choices and decisions.  We will definitely play, breathe, sweat, laugh, and celebrate.
The intention is for this experience to alchemize something in your life, by accessing the resources within the self that will inform and help you navigate the process.  Therefore, due attention will be given to grounding the experience into the life you are returning to.
The primary element of this workshop will be JourneyDance; please expect to be in movement for a lot of the day, with breaks in between for rest, art-making, sharing, and processing.  No dance experience is required, and any level of physical ability is welcome; there are no required movements, and all movement is free-form and self-guided, so may be as gentle or vigorous as one desires.

This Workshop is Postponed for a later date. Please email or check back soon for more information! 

Open Classes: These classes are an opportunity to come check out the practice, and to see if the class series is something you’re interested in. Open to the public, and offered on a donation-based sliding scale.

Stay tuned for upcoming open classes! 

Find out more about the practice at

I offer classes, series, and workshops, as well as teaching for private groups and events.  If you think this practice might benefit something that you are a part of (a work team, community, workshop, retreat, festival, etc.), please email me!


My style of teaching is rooted primarily in the Tantric lineages of Anusara yoga, which is an alignment-based, heart-centered practice.  My classes emphasize intentional movement, mindfulness of breath, self-awareness and self-compassion.  We move mindfully through poses in order to integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of the practice.  Depending on the class, you can expect an array of strong, meditative asana, fluid intuitive movement, breathwork, chanting, and meditation.  I believe that yoga is a powerful tool for healing and that our keys to wholeness reside in the intuitive wisdom of the body, therefore my classes reflect an intention to listen deeply, and soften into ourselves as we allow our creative and dynamic nature to unfold in form.

I teach for group events, retreats and workshops, as well as offering individualized instruction and private classes.  I am currently taking a break from teaching public classes.  Please send me an email to inquire about rates and services!



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