One-on-one work

My own journey has taken me through many landscapes of healing work.  I am continuously evolving my approach to working one-on-one with clients, and I am eager to meet you at the edge of your own growth and see how I can be of service to your soul’s unfolding.  My primary focus is on nature-based soul coaching: a unique blend of modalities that engages the physical and emotional body, spirit, mind, and heart in a living conversation with the natural world in order to find the kernels of truth that inspire joyful and authentic living — a life guided by soul.  I draw from the medicine of indigenous traditions and earth-based spirituality, ecopsychology, somatic ecotherapy, spiritual counseling, mindfulness, depth and transpersonal psychology, shamanic practice and ritual, and good ol’ fashioned magic.

Any of the offerings below can be combined and tailored to meet your needs. I offer a FREE CONSULTATION SESSION for anyone interested in working with me. Please contact me to arrange your free session!

  • Nature-based Soul Coaching:  We all know that spending time in nature is healing.  With me, we’ll take it to the next level. We’ll use nature as a guide, a resource, a mirror, and more; we use the outer landscape to explore the inner landscape.  We’ll uncover yearnings of the heart, soul, and spirit.  We’ll work through fears and blocks, unlock insights and creative inspiration, and invigorate the body while we’re at it.  Imagine some combination of breathing deeply, exploring, visioning, stretching, building things, throwing things, journaling, imagining, playing, dialoguing with nature, meditating, making animal noises, etc.  Getting dirty is kind of optional (though encouraged.)  Sounds fun, huh? At the end of each session, you’ll come away with insights and breakthroughs about the way you live your life, and how you want to change things.  You’ll discover deeply rooted patterns, and essential longings, and uncover insights about how to make shifts that create greater fulfillment.  I’ll also support you in integrating back into your daily life, helping you maintain connection to your soul insights as you transition into the world.

Nature-based sessions can be arranged on an ongoing basis, or in a package.  Through doing this work I have discovered that some time and depth is needed to get into the good stuff, and so the minimum package I offer is 3 sessions.  Please send an email to if you are interested in working with me, and we’ll get you started with a free consultation!


  • Meditation Coaching: Meditation can take many forms…and I have played with a lot of them!  I believe that the power of a meditation practice is in its capacity to help you navigate your life with awareness, compassion, responsiveness, a sense of presence and a touch of joy.  Maybe you think you can’t meditate.  Maybe you recognize how useful meditation is for you, but can’t get yourself to sit down and do it.  Maybe you don’t know what to do with yourself when you do sit down.  Maybe you’re curious about different types of meditation and want to explore some practices.  I am here to support you in whatever commitment you’d like to make to yourself.
  • Personal Ritual: Need to mark a particular transition in your life? Need to release something once and for all? Need to create a change? Need to shift a relationship? Need to call attention to something?  Need a boost of creativity? Need to ask for guidance? Need to find the meaning in something in your life?  I. Got. You. Covered.  Ritualizing is a way of bringing awareness, attention, sacredness, meaning, and power to things. Let me help you make your life more purposeful, powerful, and sacred.  I will work with you to develop a clear sense of what you are needing and/or wanting to call forth in your life, and then co-create and facilitate a ritual to catalyze your desires.
  • Personal Yoga Instruction: I have experienced and born witness to the power of maintaining a personal practice.  I support individuals in beginning and/or developing a personal asana practice, deepening or expanding an existing practice, cultivating a Yin or lunar practice to balance your fire, or exploring therapeutic yoga tools to relieve discomfort and address imbalances. I also incorporate Ayurveda, to help address elemental balance throughout your life.
  • Creating Sacred Space: Need to create a space for personal practice, or revamp your living room to encourage yoga/meditation/ritual?  Need help creating/maintaining sacred space for an event?  Need someone to build an altar?  Simply need to beautify and sanctify your home or work space?  I’m your gal.
  • Workshop/Retreat/Event Planning and Facilitating: I have learned a lot from my experiences creating, designing, planning, implementing, marketing, facilitating, and collaborating.  I would LOVE to be a part of helping you develop and bring your vision to fruition.  This is not a marketing service; this is guidance and support in visioning, creating, manifesting, and facilitating, as well as finding appropriate collaborators and venues.

I am grateful for all of my teachers across a variety of lineages and traditions, and honor those who came before me and support all of my offerings. I offer humble gratitude to the ancestors, the Earth, and the elders who have held and transmitted the teachings and the healing work with such sanctity, power, and grace. 

Contact me at for more information.

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