Commit to Nature: Where Playtime meets Deep Purpose

Commit to Nature: Where Playtime meets Deep Purpose
An embodied group series to support your natural vitality
Various Bay Area nature locations

This group is a chance to invest in your relationship with nature, and to make a commitment to your happiest, most natural self.  It’s a chance to recognize and honor how important it is for us to spend time connecting with the elements and the Earth that supports us, and in doing so, you invite your natural, creative, intuitive, vibrant, sensual, grounded, peaceful self to emerge.  In other words, by exploring and honoring nature, you find your own natural vitality. 

What am I committing to?

  • Showing up. Twice a month, for 6 months. (3-4 hours each time)
  • Being part of something. A small, consistent, intimate community of people who want to live closer to the land, in greater harmony with nature, and in more regular contact with their natural self.
  • Your essential, embodied self.  Your wild, primal nature that climbs trees, rolls on the ground, and isn’t afraid of getting dirty.  The natural wisdom that emerges when we get back in touch with our instinctual nature and give our body the sensory stimulation it needs to feel alive and inspired.
  • The cycles and rhythms of nature. This group will meet regardless of weather.  This means we get to experience the power, beauty, and wisdom of all the elements, and the the natural cycles of growth, death, and rebirth. We learnt to prepare for and experience the power of the elements (which are honestly quite mild in the bay!) and let nature enliven us, expanding our capacity for feeling and comfort.

What do I get out of it?

  • Learn exercises, practices and rituals to help you stay connected to nature on a regular basis
  • Feel grounded in your connection with the Earth, and feel secure, supported and affirmed in your path and your choices
  • Be inspired by a community of like-minded people, and inspired to do the things that make you happy and are important to you
  • Regularly get infused with a sense of playfulness, freedom, spontaneity, and sensuality
  • Come home with renewed energy to enliven your relationships
  • Enjoy physical movement and elemental health; Feel good in your body!
  • Get out of your head, invigorate your senses, and kickstart your imagination; Inspire creative work and move through creative/artistic blocks
  • Explore a variety of nature in and around the Bay Area, connect deeply to the land and the plant and animal life here, and find new favorite spots to play!
  • Look forward to regular mini-retreats from technology and modern urban life

What will we do?

We will play. We will explore. We will get dirty. We will move, stretch, and dance. We will do ritual to honor and connect with the Earth and the elements.  We will contemplate our own nature, and our relationship with the natural world.  We will share with each other.  We will build things out of rocks, branches and leaves.  We will swim in cold water. We will hug trees and fondle stones.  We will share intention and prayer to heal the Earth.  We will listen, meditate, offer, and receive.


Each group will begin when we get between 6-12 people. Once 6 people sign on, we begin the process of finding a meeting time that works best.  Commitment requires a deposit ($108).  Remaining investment can be paid upfront for a discounted price, or paid in installments to suit your financial situation. Options include:

  • Initial deposit + 6 monthly payments of $45
  • Initial deposit + 3 payments of $79
  • Initial deposit + 2 payments of $108
  • Full investment upfront: $300 (including deposit)

Ready to Commit to Nature??  Get signed up using the form below!

*** Your registration is not complete until you make your deposit!!  Please use THIS PAYPAL LINK to pay your deposit! ***



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