Embodying the Divine Feminine: What the *@%* does that mean??

What does it mean to be embodied?  

Well, on a theoretical (abstract and boring) level, it means that our life is taking place in and through our human body.  But embodiment is juicy.  So let’s get personal about it.

As I sit in my chair, about 30 minutes after finishing dinner, having an inner dialogue with myself about why I am still craving something sweet, I ask myself: what would it mean to be embodied in this moment? Continue reading


Don’t Hold My Hand: A deep poetic soul search

Down, down…I’m goin down

Stay and play! say the flighty feathered ones.
They don’t know how deep I need to go
to find my soul.

Will you hold my hand?
Let me go down, deep, into the belly
into the underside, the earthwomb,
the plutonic caverns glowing with alchemical fire.
Let me be transformed. Continue reading