Awakening Your Wild Woman

Awakening Your Wild Woman: An Embodied Experiential Course

with Anna Swisher and Regina Gelfo, M.A.
10 weeks: August 8-Oct 10, 2014
Oakland, CA

Regina Wild WomanThis course is designed to rekindle our connection to our intuitive, primal selfthe innate instinctual woman that lives within each of us and is calling out for expression. This is for the woman who feels and hears the call to come home to herself; who knows that there is wisdom in her intuition, in her body, and in her connection with nature, and who needs some help finding her way back to her raw and wild spirit. 

This course is playful, deep, fun, creative, and transformative.  It is a place for the modern urban woman to remember, regularly access, and anchor her wild, intuitive, sensual, creative self. 

Through embodied practices, nature reconnection exercises, conscious play, mythical exploration, dance, storytelling, creative expression, ritual, quiet reflection and group sharing, we will explore our edges, our passions, our power spots, our challenges, our gifts, and our joyful selves, all in the sacred container of nature and intimate, compassionate feminine community.

Participants in this course will:

  • Find their own unique feminine form of power
  • Grow and thrive in a supportive group container
  • Stop holding back because they are afraid of being too much
  • Improve and enliven their relationships
  • Get clear about the next step in their lives or work
  • Learn to deeply and reliably access their intuition
  • Release sexual and body shame
  • Learn their own unique ways of praying, or connecting to their “source energy”
  • Feel enlivened, happier and healthier, and more connected to nature

Are you are ready to step into your power and joy??

Visit the website here: for more info and registration.

Intro Session on Saturday, July 19!! (12-4:30 p.m.)
Space is limited, so get on it, ladies!! Visit the website and click on “Intro Session” for more info.


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