Mentoring Opportunities For Adolescents

I am a passionate advocate for girls and young women who are coming of age. I enjoy the mentoring role immensely, as it allows me to both hold space for a young woman’s explorations, as well as to learn from each individual’s personal process as she evolves and teaches me from her own budding wisdom.  I lead long-term nature-based girls’ groups, and also offer 1:1 nature-based mentoring for individual young women ages 12-18.

During adolescence, the developmental process entails a differentiation from the nuclear family in order to establish a sense of self. During this time, it is essential for young women to have mentors who provide positive modeling of authenticity, integrity, and self-love; and it is a necessity that these role models are someone other than parents, as teens naturally (and healthfully) begin to differentiate from their family.  My role as a mentor is in supporting the authentic self to emerge; to help foster inner wisdom, strength of character, a foundational self-awareness, a believe in one’s voice, and a compassionate curiosity about self, others, and world.  My personal orientation regards nature and our own bodies as essential contexts for connecting to ourselves and our world, and this underlies the way I spend time with adolescents.  I believe deeply in the power and necessity of ritual and ceremony, and working with youth through rites of passage into adolescence and young adulthood is a privilege I am honored to embrace. 

Every individual has her own path to walk, and no two paths are the same.  My mentoring comes without an agenda–other than to usher in a more empowered, empathic, self-aware young woman who is equipped to contribute to the evolution that is underway by stepping more fully into her own natural gifts and joy.  If you know an adolescent who is craving this kind of guidance, please do email me.  I’d be honored to get to know more of the young women who are going to heal this planet and change this world!

 To see more about my group work with the Stepping Stones Project, please see below!  

girls stare at the ocean


Stepping Stones is a long-term place for teens to face the essential developmental task of their life stage: to create a secure and authentic social self that invites both a healthy sense of belonging and self esteem, as well as an increased capacity to engage in all life’s relationships.

Our Mission

SSP’s Mission is to guide and support youth and families across the threshold from childhood into healthy adolescence through contemporary rites of passage.  Stepping Stones Project addresses the developmental needs of today’s youth by providing extended group mentoring and nature based experiences, helping them to develop a strong sense of self, a solid internal compass to navigate life’s challenges, and a deep connection to nature.

“During youth a blossoming and budding forth tries to happen from inside out as each young person encounters what is seeded in them and gifted in their soul.”     – Michael Meade, Storyteller



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