About Anna

Anna Swisher is a wilderness and rites-of-passage guide, youth mentor, and certified Yoga Teacher. half face Utah She holds an M.A. in East-West Psychology, and is trained in Somatic Ecotherapy and Wilderness Questing, Permaculture, Yoga Therapy, JourneyDance™, and Mindfulness Education.  She has experience facilitating nature-based counseling and mentoring, wilderness and camping trips with teens and adults, yoga, dance, meditation, ritual and ceremony, girls’ and women’s groups, retreats, and workshops in nature.  She is passionate about using the natural wisdom of the body and the Earth to connect with the truest sense of self.

During her M.A. program at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies,)  she focused on Ecopsycholgy, Tantric and other non-dual traditions, Indigenous wisdom and Earth-based spirituality, and embodied process and practices for psychospiritual growth.  She has followed calls to work with girls, work with horses, work in nature, create community, and bring healing to the Earth.  Through her own journey of feminine embodiment, nature reconnection, equine medicine, indigenous medicine, community building, spiritual seeking, sexual healing, dancing, singing, and believing, her life practice has evolved to reflect a devotion to the intuitive wisdom of the body, to the path of the soul, to the time it takes to slow down, and to the re-emergence of thriving community that will heal the human-earth relationship.  Her current focus is on connecting children and teens consciously to the natural world, and applying nature-based models to community building, utilizing the wisdom of nature to inspire creative and harmonious cultural frameworks.  She wishes to inspire authenticity, curiosity, movement, intuitive wisdom, truth, magic, intimacy, deep care, creativity, eco-consciousness, slow breaths, and a reclamation of our right to joyful and meaningful living.

Anna lives in Bolinas, CA, tending a permaculture garden community, cultivating a devotion to the land and her own soul’s path, and deepening her inquiry into the juicy mystery of this human experience.



“Anna is a thoughtful and all-around spectacular teacher. She gauges her clientele beautifully, adjusts the class to each group, and brings her own unique flavor of insight as well as her own personal growth journey to each and every session in which I have participated.” ~R.S., Somatic Therapist in-training

“I felt rejuvenated, youthful, and alive after being in the woods with Anna. She’s a gifted and gentle teacher.”   ~W.H., Operations and Community Events Manager

“Finding Anna’s class has been such a gift. She holds the container beautifully, allowing for a space where it’s safe to explore self-healing and personal power to create what we want in life. Through dance we are lead to engage with our inner shaman, and in each class we can practice letting go of things that don’t serve us and instead embrace that which allows for peace and joy.  Journey dance has become a weekly practice that I can count on to help me rejuvenate and step into life more fully. Thank you Anna!” ~S. H., Art therapist, ancestral healer

ME up close

“I am an experienced backpacker and yoga practitioner who has spent A LOT of time in the wilderness. But let me tell you, you haven’t been in nature until you’ve been in nature with Anna! This woman is a powerhouse of connection, inspiration, and ideas. She has a special skill for harnessing the wisdom of nature and helping people apply it to their bodies, work, and lives. I found her so skillful and approachable that I asked her to co-lead the backpacking retreats for my business. There are very few people I trust to that level! I highly recommend that you be in her class, her ritual, her trips – heck, just get in this woman’s presence. You will change forever.”  -M.C., Transformational Life Coach


And, for your enjoyment: Here’s a video of Anna giving a presentation at CIIS, where she tells a bit of her own story, and shares her vision for a healthier world.
(Please forgive the video quality; this is an informal recording.)

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